5 Business Exits, $75 million in Capital Raised- Mac Lackey

Mac Lackey had 2 business exits each for 8 figures- in his 20's. He went on to create and sell 3 more businesses so far. Mac has sat on the Board of Directors for public companies, he is passionate about entrepreneurship and has invested in many startups. Possibly most impressive of all, Mac has been able to make his wife and daughters a top priority through it all with his philosophy called Life Wealth.  We go in to what Life Wealth is compared to Work Life Balance. 

International Business Creates An Advantage- Fabio Ansaloni

Different perspectives and alternate opinions can often be an incredible strength in business. Fabio Ansaloni approaches his hurdles with perspectives from doing business in many countries including Italy, France, Germany, and the United States. In this episode, Fabio talks about the challenges of going to a different country such as figuring out the culture and norms. Fabio values how working and living in so many countries has opened his mind to new possibilities most of us never experience.

Building Your Business With Past Lessons- Steve Milo

Steve started a collectible and comic mail order business in college. He grew the company was a leader in the e-commerce world. But after investors convinced him to sell, the shares Steve received in the exit were worthless after the tech bubble popped.

Steve went on to create and build VTrips, an online vacation rental platform. We discuss how he is growing strategically, the importance of great employees, not getting investors in the business who don't align with your vision, and much more.

Balance of Running Two Companies- Erin Padgett

Erin Padgett owns and operates Erin Padgett Events and Paige & Elliott Bridal Boutique. After starting and growing her events company for a few years, Erin was ready for more. She saw a gap in the market and knew that she could fill that gap well. Now she bounces back and forth between two locations and working with 9 employees.  Erin talks about how she has been able to empower her employees so each company can run while she is at the other location. 

The Changing Ecosystem of Today's Workforce- Terri Gallagher

The workforce is changing, and Terri Gallagher is leading the way in helping companies thrive with the evolving environment. 

Terri and I get in to how the workforce evolution is happening, how getting fired turned in to an amazing change in her life, how women can become great leaders and business owners, and how valuable it was learning inside Disney early in her career.

Pursuit of Being The Best In The World- Mekenzie Riley

Mekenzie Riley has competed multiple times at the Crossfit Games. She is also a Registered Dietician who runs her own company. After a childhood of athletics, Mekenzie would work out for 3 hours on a daily basis. When she was introduced to Crossfit, the variety, competitions, and constant improvement were appealing.   Mekenzie talks about what it takes to dedicate to being one of the best in the world at something. We go in to sacrifice and aligning your life to fit your version of success. 

Acquiring Their Dream Practice- Marc & Jolene Fondino

In this episode, we talk with Drs. Marc and Jolene Fondino. Marc and Jolene own Davidson Chiropractic in Davidson, NC. We talk about how they handle running a business together as spouses, as well as how their son helps them step away from the business when they get home. You also get to hear about how they went from both losing their income at the same exact time to buying their dream practice- without the ability to get a business loan. The problem solving to achieve this is incredible.

Leaving Corporate America to Start Your Business- Jeff Pell

Jeff Pell led a successful career in logistics and sales. With the motivation and desire for Jeff and his wife to create something for themselves, they began researching potential businesses to start. They reflected on opportunity, business potential, and an area where they could positively impact their community.

Jeff attributes his fast growth in his startup to consistent and focused effort, as well as applying what he has learned throughout his career.