About Us

Ben McDonald began his career in a college dorm room at age 19. Coming back to his room from marketing and management classes, Ben applied what he was learning to create a sports event and basketball training company. After graduation, Ben turned Status Pro Athletics in to a corporation and focused on growing the business. After building the business to host multiple large basketball tournaments, sports camps, and travel teams, Ben and his wife, Kim, sold the company and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina.

The money from the sale of Status Pro got Ben in to investing and creating financial plans. Now Ben runs a financial planning office in Charlotte and works with clients throughout the country. His Success Defined podcast was created because Ben wanted to share stories with others about how it is possible to shape your life to fit what's most important to them. Instead of buying in to what the media or society tells you what should be most important, take a deep look inside at what you want to get out of your life. Empowering others to live this better version of their lives started the idea behind the Success Defined podcast.

Be on the lookout for updates about the future of Skyward Venture!