Crossfit Games Athlete Mekenzie Riley- Pursuing Your Passion

Give yourself permission to pursue your passion. Professional Crossfit athlete and Registered Dietitian Mekenzie Riley left the comfortable job and good pay to go after her two career passions: the fitness aspect of nutrition and the sport of fitness. Running her online nutrition business and finishing 18th in the world at the 2018 Crossfit Games, Mekenzie is successfully living her passion! Take the leap to fulfill that passion in your life. 

Habits of Successful CEOs

 What traits are common among high achieving CEOs and Business Owners? Gary Frey, Partner at Insight CXO, shares his knowledge and experience working with CEOs to help answer that question. Are you a lifelong learner? Do you have humility? 

When is Venture Capital Right For You

Have you built a profitable business? Is the venture capital firm's vision aligned with yours? 

Steve Milo goes in to a great perspective on Venture Capital. More often than not, I hear an opinion completely for, or against venture capital. 

Steve brings up the point of knowing if and when bringing in a venture firm may make sense. Don't jump in and take money just because you think it can increase your revenue. Consider the questions above and the other thoughts Steve shares in the highlight.

Cliff Gardner All star employees

Cliff has been a CFO and business owner. He developed and later sold the largest online auto parts platform, and now runs Schedule Any Lesson. In this, Cliff talks about how to build a team of all stars and create a culture where they can thrive.

Women Leadership and Business Ownership

Women Leadership and Women Business Ownership is still well behind. Terri Gallagher and I discuss what can be done within businesses as well as what women striving for leadership or ownership opportunities can do.

Different perspectives in business is unbelievably valuable. Getting more women in leadership positions and supporting women as entrepreneurs leads to new ideas, better problem solving, and a healthy culture.

Kevin Quat Valuing Employees

Your employees' favorite ice cream flavor may not seem important, but it is part of how Kevin has built a loyal and hard working team at Absolute Island Management.